Aqua (1974/2005)

Aqua (1974/2005)
Article No. eastgate 005 CD
Artist: Edgar W. Froese
No. of Discs: 1 CD
Status: Studio Album
Mastered with DQCTM system

01. Aqua
02. Panorphelia
03. NGC 891
04. Upland
05. Upland Dawn

Edgar’s first solo trip into the wide and open landscape of sounds. Back in 1974 when this record was released for the first time, no 24 multitrack machines did exist. With the money Edgar earned with Tangerine Dream, he bought himself a couple of Revox Ľ inch tape machines to record this music under very adventurous circumstances. Edgar said during his first press conference as a solo artist, it might have been the first ´bed and bathroom´ recording ever done. The water you can hear is the water tube in his apartment. The airplane had been recorded with a so-called artificial head system hanging out of the apartments window when planes were approaching the Berlin airport. Today it is a classic within the field of chilly ambient music.

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