Tournado "Live in Europe" (1997)

Tournado "Live in Europe" (1997)
Article No. TDI CD011
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 1
Status: Live Recording
Mastered with DQCTM system

01. Drum Intro / Flashflood
02. 220 Volt (Big Volt Version)
03. Firetongues
04. Girls On Broadway
05. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions
(The Thai Dub)
06. Rising Haul In Silence
07. Lamb With Radar Eyes (Lost Lamb Version)
08. Touchwood (Forest Mix)
09. Towards The Evening Star

- The complete live experience without any remixing or overdubs

- Features the second part from the successful european tour 1997

€ 8.00
(€ 14.00)