Mars Polaris (Studio Album) 1999

Mars Polaris (Studio Album) 1999
Article No. TDI CD016
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 1
Status: Studio Album
Mastered with DQCTM system

01. Comet's Figure Head
02. Rim of Schiaparelli
03. Pilots of the Ether Belt
04. Deep Space Cruiser
05. Outland (The Colony)
06. Spiral Star Date
07. Mars Mission Counter
08. Astrophobia
09. Tharsis Maneuver
10. Dies Martis (Trans Mercury)

- The long expected new studio album by "Tangerine Dream" since 1996

- Another cornerstone in TD's musical history

- Unusual sounds and layers mixed with typical TD atmos

- Over 70 minutes of new music

More info
- On January 3rd 1999 NASA's Mars Polar Lander was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force station for its Mission to Mars.
MPL was expected to enter the martian atmosphere by December 3rd 1999. Unfortunately it got lost a few days before the scheduled landing on the mars surface.

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