Stuntman (1979/2005)

Stuntman (1979/2005)
Article No. eastgate 004 CD
Artist: Edgar W. Froese
No. of Discs: 1 CD
Status: Studio Album
Mastered with DQCTM system

01. Stuntman
02. It would be like Samoa
03. Detroit Snackbar Dreamer
04. Drunken Mozart in the Desert
05. A Dali-esque Sleep Fuse
06. Scarlet Score for Mescalero

Re-recordings mixed with new arrangements of one of the Edgar W. Froese's all time classic. At a time when electronic high tech computer equipment was still in its infancy, Edgar managed to create a wall of new sounds most people never heard of before. It is the beauty of these sound textures and melodies which makes this record a must for every TD and Edgar W. Froese fan.

€ 14.00