The Anthology Decades - The Space Years - Vol. 1

The Anthology Decades - The Space Years - Vol. 1
Article No. eastgate 026 CD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 1 CD
Status: Compilation 2008

01. Boat To China
02. Landing On 51
03. Exit To Heaven
04. Silver Pendulum
05. Shy Shila
06. Sunset In The Fifth System
07. Borealis
08. Run To Vegas
09. The Seventh Folder
10. Pink Ashes
11. The Burning Hole
12. Huckebee’s Dream

This recording out of four TD decades creates memories for those ones who were grown up with the band and their various moves and changes within their hystory. But it’s definitely not a ‘Best of’ or a compilation of formerly released material. It mirrors the timeless, floating character of TD’s music philosophy which never aimed to become a hit monster. Carefully restored and remastered or even newly recorded, this selection of sounds and music will help you to find your own individual path from the present to the past including a return ticket.


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